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The Participant assumes the role of a Customer Service Agent working for a small low cost airline, Low-Fare Air. It is the Participant’'s first day, having taken over from their predecessor who has transferred to another department within the airline. Due to an urgent offsite meeting, no other members of the Organisation are available. The Participant is required to deal with internal and external customer issues and complaints such as damaged baggage, complaints against staff, reservation errors, rota checking, and policy document checking.

  • Code: INB-LFA
  • Work environment: Alone
  • Category: In - Basket Exercises

Exercise Timings & Criteria

80 Mins
Administrator's Instructions:
5 mins
In - Basket:
60 mins
Participant Review:
15 mins
Competencies: Attention to Detail / Customer Service / Initiative / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Judgment / Planning & Organising / Problem Analysis / Written Communication

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