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Regal Bank plc


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The Participant is asked to imagine that they are the manager of a branch of a retail bank, Regal Bank plc. Within this role they have major responsibilities for the people in the branch, for developing sales of banking and associated products, and for the supervision/efficiency of all the day-to-day processes. The items within the In-Basket relate to all of these major accountabilities, which are typical of the work of a first-line manager..

  • Code: INB-RBP
  • Work environment: Alone
  • Category: In - Basket Exercises

Exercise Timings & Criteria

110 Mins
Administrator's Instructions:
5 mins
In - Basket:
90 mins
Participant Review:
15 mins
Competencies: Decisiveness / Delegation / Initiative / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Judgment / Planning & Organising / Problem Analysis / Written Communication

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