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Euro Bargain's Quarterly Review


Euro Bargain's Quarterly Review


Participant Pack

R 560.00

Assessor Guide

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Participants assume the role of Trainee Store Managers working for a major international retailer, EuroBargain, which has numerous hypermarkets across Europe. Participants are meeting for a quarterly review and strategy meeting. Faced with four key agenda items, they are required to discuss the issues arising and make recommendations for the future. Issues include customer incentives, personnel management, transport facilities and the introduction of new products.

  • Code: NAR-EQR
  • Work environment: Group
  • Category: B - Graduate

Exercise Timings & Criteria

60 mins
Administrator's Instructions:
5 mins
45 mins
Participant Review:
10 mins
Competencies: Flexibility / Planning & Organising / Leadership / Judgment / Problem Analysis / Decisiveness / Creativity / Listening / Persuasive Oral Communication / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Teamwork / Customer / Service

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