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Gourmet Catering Services


Gourmet Catering Services


Participant Pack

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As a new Management Trainee at a leading white goods manufacturer, Vortex Ltd, the Participant has been asked to investigate and recommend whether or not to renew the existing catering contract with Gourmet Catering Services. Their specific task is to weigh up the relative pros and cons of staying with the current supplier versus alternatives. In particular, quality, value and customer satisfaction need to be considered along with the preferences of the various company departments.

  • Code: FF-GCS
  • Work environment: One 2 One
  • Category: B - Graduate

Exercise Timings & Criteria

50 mins
Administrator's Instructions:
5 mins
10 mins
30 mins
Participant Review:
10 mins
Competencies: Stress Tolerance / Flexibility / Openness to Change / Planning & Organising / Judgment / Problem Analysis / Decisiveness / Commercial Awareness / Listening / Persuasive Oral Communication / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Initiative / Customer Service

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