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Super Shades


Super Shades


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Participants are members of a buying team for a large retail department store, Super Shades, who are responsible for the selection and buying of a popular and profitable range of sunglasses sold in their store. Due to the current supplier becoming bankrupt, the buyers have to decide which one of the four other possible suppliers they are going to place their urgent order with. The Participants need to discuss all the pros and cons for each supplier and come to a considered decision by the end of the meeting.

  • Code: NAR-SS
  • Work environment: Group
  • Category: C - First-Line Management

Exercise Timings & Criteria

75 mins
Administrator's Instructions:
5 mins
20 mins
40 mins
Participant Review:
10 mins
Competencies: Flexibility / Planning & Organising / Leadership / Judgment / Problem Analysis / Decisiveness / Commercial Awareness / Persuasive Oral Communication / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Teamwork / Initiative / Customer Service

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