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Troubleshooting Team


Troubleshooting Team


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Participants assume the role of members of a troubleshooting team from a manufacturing company who have been tasked with investigating a production problem which has arisen. In this unusual Exercise all team members are given a detailed brief explaining the nature of the problem and additional specific information only known to each person. Participants are given 30 inutes to write an individual synopsis of the problem and are invited to put forward explanations as to the root cause before going into the team meeting. In reality, it is impossible to rove what is causing the problem until all of the information is shared amongst the team members, so a team approach is required to produce a definitive conclusion.

  • Code: NAR-TST
  • Work environment: Group
  • Category: B - Graduate

Exercise Timings & Criteria

90 mins
Administrator's Instructions:
5 mins
30 mins
40 mins
Participant Review:
10 mins
Competencies: Leadership / Judgment / Problem Analysis / Decisiveness / Persuasive Oral Communication / Interpersonal Sensitivity / Teamwork / Initiative

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