Implementable strategies for a competitive, fast-changing world

In a world that is faster moving than ever, the ideal employee is somebody that has not only the expected technical skills but also vital personal attributes that align with the culture of the new environment; he or she must be able to become immersed in their roles, absorbing the detail while maintaining sight of the greater whole; being fully prepared to engage but still be equipped to act independently; interacting with consideration but able to push for results; capable of creating a vision and direction whilst developing others to reach their full potential. The list is endless…

To accurately measure ability and suitability for a position one must therefore assess not only the inherent natural qualities or potential for these attributes but also be able to predict the likely performance that one would expect when placing the candidate in the role.

Enter The Talent Group and the globally benchmarked suite of PSI talent solutions

In South Africa, The Talent Group is associated with PSI, which is globally accepted as a leading provider of assessments. Having recently acquired a&dc UK they now own one of the largest consultancies in the field of Assessment & Development Centres and Virtual Assessment Centre solutions. The founder of The Talent Group has represented and promoted the brand across Southern Africa for over a decade, bringing best-in-practice assessment centre solutions to organisations across the country through her passion for behavioural assessment and development.

Offering clients the entire range PSI exercises geared to helping organisations discover and develop talent, both inside and outside their ranks, at administrative, graduate, specialist, managerial and executive level. The Talent Group also customises and develops bespoke exercises designed to meet unique business requirements.


Robyn Stephenson, founder of The Talent Group believes that every quest for exceptional talent begins with a deep understanding of her clients’ culture and environment, followed by a thorough analysis of their unique requirements. By then applying globally accepted psychometric assessments together with cutting edge ‘immersion’ testing and measurement processes she is able to provide her clients with a comprehensive and holistic view of a candidate’s suitability for an envisaged position.

Having spent 12 years in the assessment centre environment as a practitioner and consultant, and globally accredited as an Assessment Centre Skills Trainer, she brings a deep understanding of the talent assessment environment, combining this with extensive experience in developing high potential and leadership development processes to promote overall organisation effectiveness.

Having worked across both public and private sectors and within a wide variety of industries she has assisted clients in mining, healthcare, banking, management consulting, transport and logistics, legal, information technology, manufacturing and sales.

Robyn’s particular interests encompass:

  • Discovering and developing high potential talent.
  • Working hand-in-hand with clients to develop workable strategies for HR in an on-demand, agile economy: and
  • Engaging with candidates one-on-one to bring meaning and value to the assessment process.

She has a particular interest in small and medium-sized businesses and is focused on becoming an assessment provider of choice for companies locally and abroad.

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