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Country Road Homeworks


Country Road Homeworks


Participant Pack

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The Participant, an employee at Country Road Homeworks, a medium-sized soft furnishings company, is asked to see the Customer Services Manager. The need has arisen to contact an unhappy customer on an issue related to the service given during the purchase of a lounge room suite. The Participant needs to gather all the available information to accurately assess the situation before they contact the disgruntled customer.

  • Code: FF-CRH
  • Work environment: One 2 One
  • Category: A - Non-Management

Exercise Timings & Criteria

50 mins
Administrator's Instructions:
5 mins
5 mins
30 mins
Participant Review:
10 mins
Competencies: Stress Tolerance / Flexibility / Openness to Change / Planning & Organising / Judgment / Problem Analysis / Decisiveness / Listening / Persuasive Oral Communication / Interpersonal / Sensitivity / Initiative / Customer Service

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